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Maximize The Afterburn Effect Article by Brad Gouthro, PTS & NWS

afterburn effect

Hi, I’m Brad Gouthro and this is my training partner, Carolyn Hoops

  • Find out why your workout programs are designed to slow your results and essentially FAIL you from reaching your goals.
  • Learn about the 1 UNIQUE WORKOUT SECRET used by only a small percentage of people who LIVE LEAN 365 days a year.
  • Discover how to burn crazy amounts of calories WHILE YOU SLEEP.
  • You’ll quickly see that IT IS POSSIBLE to re-compose your stubborn body fat into lean, sexy and aesthetically pleasing muscle.

From the desk of Brad Gouthro

Dear Friend,

Are you one of the many people that puts in their time at the gym but don’t see the results you deserve? Maybe you’re not losing fat or maybe when you do lose fat, it’s not being replaced with lean muscle. Regardless of what it is, more time spent in the gym DOES NOT equate to better results.  That’s just not how the body works.

There’s a specific reason why your workout programs are not providing results…

afterburn effect…and I’m going to share why most (maybe all) of the workout programs you’ve purchased (or got out of a magazine) have failed you.

The information has worked for me and my clients in living lean 365 days a year.

This information includes how your conventional workout programs are sabotaging your calorie burning potential. The unique workouts I design have a direct impact on helping your body burn calories WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY, for up to 48 hours after your workout. Essentially you’ll be burning MORE calories, even while you sleep. Conventional workouts rarely take advantage of these design principles.

These unique workout design principles are one of the most effective ways for people to Live Lean 365 days a year.

But before we get into discussing those design principles, I need to clear something up…

afterburn effect

I feel really bad about all the misleading information in the fitness industry today. It’s no wonder 70% of the population in North America is overweight.

What’s even more concerning is this misleading information is coming from sources that profit from the world being overweight.

Due to this misleading information coming from “credible” sources, most people follow the advice and NEVER get the results they work for. This leads to people quitting and feelings of letdown (not only letting down themselves, but also family and friends). Does this sound familiar?

If so, I want to help you overcome all this.

If you’re ready to put in the work and discover a unique way to workout that is proven to bring lasting results…then you’re ready for what I’m about to reveal.

  1. All workouts, regardless of how effective they are, burn calories. Burning calories during your workout help put your body in a calorie deficit. This calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) leads to fat burning. This is important to understand (which I’m sure most of you do)..BUT not all types of workouts are effective in creating the best overall/total calorie burn inside and outside of the gym. This leads me to the second part of this equation.
  2. Don’t just focus solely on the calories burned DURING your workout. Focus on total overall calorie burning (during + after). Conventional workouts tend to be designed to focus on burning calories only during your workout. The workouts in Live Lean Afterburn are strategically designed to burn calories during your workout and a whole lot more AFTER your workout (even while you sleep).

afterburn effect

Unfortunately since fitness is such a hot topic, everyone, regardless of education or real life results has an opinion. Most times these opinions are formed from what people read in a magazine or website that makes it’s money off selling ads to fat loss supplement companies.

Remember, the weight loss industry is HUGE! And they profit from HUGE people. So, like I said, although all workouts do burn calories, most are doomed to fail you due to poor workout program design. Thus you put in the work but don’t get good results…so you quit. 

So lets reverse this. Let me help you burn way more calories, more effectively, and help you live lean 365 days a year…

The 1 UNIQUE WORKOUT SECRET: To Burn More Calories While You Sleep & Live Lean 365 Days A Year

Lets talk about this “1 Unique Workout Secret”. Or more specifically what is it and how can you use it to live lean faster?

I guarantee you…

If you incorporate this 1 unique workout secret into your workouts, you will be on the fast track to living the lean lifestyle.

To get faster results (and you will get them), you need to up the intensity and put in the extra effort. But the great thing is, this 1 unique workout secret is flexible, so you can suit it to your fitness level, if needed. What is it?

afterburn effect

Burn More Fat While You Sleep

My specialized Live Lean Afterburn workout program is designed to help you live lean by burning MORE calories AFTER exercise, thus burning MORE body fat, while you SLEEP.

It takes a certain type of workout to maximize the afterburn effect. Slow steady pace cardio is NOT one of them.

Why does long, slow (boring) cardio not work?

afterburn effect

It’s simple. Long, slow (boring) cardio DOES NOT effectively ignite the afterburn effect. Yes you may burn more calories DURING the workout but you’re not burning as many TOTAL calories when you add in the afterburn effect.

Anaerobic exercise burns more total calories (during and after workout) than aerobic exercise. The afterburn effect is all about intensity. Doing brief, intense bursts of strength, speed, and power related work releases a large amount of free fatty acids that are broken down from fat stores inside the muscle. This will burn even more fat! The more intense the workout, the greater the afterburn effect.

afterburn effect

Do the right types of exercises with the right amount of intensity.

Specific exercises combined with the right amount of intensity create a reaction in your body called the afterburn effect.

This reaction causes the body to burn calories more effectively for up to 48 hours. This is why the headline “Burn More Fat While You Sleep” is actually true.

The afterburn effect is also known as EPOC. EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Lets simply break down the verbiage of the EPOC acronym:

E = Excess

P = Post-exercise

OC = Oxygen Consumption.

After (“post-exercise”) an intense workout (the cause of “excess” “oxygen consumption”) the body experiences an increase in the afterburn effect.

The afterburn effect causes an increase in metabolic functioning. The higher your metabolism, the more calories burned. The more calories burned, the more fat burned. The more fat burned…the faster you’re on the track to LIVING LEAN!

afterburn effect

And that’s exactly what the LIVE LEAN AFTERBURN workout does.

The Live Lean Afterburn workout program combines 7 different training stylesto maximize the afterburn effect and calorie burn while still building muscle. With all variety, it’s going to keep you engaged the entire 12 weeks. This way you will never get bored of the same old program design. You know the ones…lift weight for 12 reps, rest 60 sec, repeat 3 more times.

These training styles include:

  • Circuit Training
  • Strength Training
  • Descending Pyramid Training
  • Complex Training
  • HIIT Cardio Training (the type that doesn’t require more than 30 mins!!)
  • Metabolic Finishers
  • Tabata

Each training style is designed to:

afterburn effect

Exercise Selection:

The majority of the exercises in this program are compound movements that pull in multiple muscle groups. Think of it this way…

The more muscles you incorporate, the more work you’re doing, thus, the more calories you’re burning.

afterburn effect


Workout Design Variables – Rest/Reps/Set

The Live Lean Afterburn workout design variables have been strategically designed to induce the most effective afterburn.

Each training style focuses on a different rest/rep/set range. All the guesswork has been removed. Just follow the printable workout sheets.

The goal is to keep the intensity high. However, stay within your fitness level. If you need more time to recover between sets, take it. The program is flexible that way.

afterburn effect

It works.

Following a strategically designed workout program that fits with your goals of living lean will provide results.

  • I’ve seen the best body re-composition results (getting and staying athletically lean and muscular) for myself and from my clients
  • The Afterburn Effect style of training focuses on training large muscle groups for strength, speed, and power. This format is going to help you burn the most calories AND build lean muscle!
  • You’ll never get bored with the workouts as they constantly change one day to the next.

I want YOU to become my next SUCCESS STORY.

I want YOU to experience all the positive physical, mental, and emotional changes that many others are experiencing everyday by following my live lean philosophies.

Of course, I know my philosophies work as I live my message of living lean 365 days a year.

afterburn effect

But as you can from my before and after pictures, I wasn’t born with good fitness genetics.

afterburn effect

afterburn effect

But don’t trust me. Just check out what my other clients think of my teaching methods and philosophies on living lean.

afterburn effect

I lost 5 kg in 2 months & now live lean…
Robin B., Germany
Robin B social med
I am currently at 16% body fat and loving it….
Khrystal., Canada
Khrystal SS
Your advice and motivation has made such a difference in my pursuit of living lean…
Ben H., UK
Ben H SS

I have lost 70 lbs…
Jason H., US
Jason H SS

I was able to cut 30 pounds in less than 3 months!…
Andrew S., Canada
Andrew S SS
I was 210 lbs, I’m now 178 lbs…
Blaise S., US
Blaise Sardanelli SS

30 days after committing to Live Lean…
Stephane J., Canada
Stephane J SS

It’s amazing the things you can achieve…
Detrick C., US
Detrick C SS

I have gone from a 42/44 waist down to a 34…
Hector F., US
Hector F SS

I just turned 60 and still have a 4 pack…
Joe K., US
Joe K SS

I made myself a promise to change…
Johan B., Denmark
Johan B SS

Now after my 45th birthday my fitness progression continues…
Lisa M., Canada
Lisa McMaster SS
I’ve dropped 180 pounds in the last year and absolutely loving this lifestyle man…
Rick W., US
Rick W SS
“It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life…
Michela L., Canada
Michaela SS
I have dropped 10kgs and I am now at less than 12% body fat. This would not have been possible without Brad…
Dave P., UK
Dave P SS
I lost a total of 43 lbs since May 29th (2.5 months) and I am still losing…
Helen-Marie, US
Helen-Marie Rivera SS
“…have to say it has truly changed my life…”
Sam I., Malaysia
Sam I SS
I was 195 lbs, I’m now 166 lbs…
Otto S., Costa Rica
Otto SS

Live Lean Afterburn is YOUR PROGRAM to Live The Lean Lifestyle 365 days. Living lean = lean, sexy, and aesthetically eye pleasing muscle that all guys and girls want.

If for some reason, this program is not right for you, you’ll get a 60 day money back guarantee. Full refund, no questions asked.

Living lean is simple, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

Let me show you…welcome to:

Live Lean Afterburn

The Complete 7 Component Live Lean Afterburn System:

afterburn effectComponent #1: The Live Lean Afterburn Workout Manual ($297 Value) -

This complete workout manual includes the specifics of how and why the workout program design principles used in Live Lean Afterburn is scientifically proven to help you burn WAY MORE calories up to 48 hours after your workout (even while you sleep).

For a specific and detailed 12 week workout plan like this from me, I would typically bill out clients at least $247.  So when I say I’m giving you a $247 value, well, that’s what you’re getting.

afterburn effectComponent #2: The Live Lean Afterburn Workout Log Sheets ($47 Value) -

Keeping track of your workouts is critical. How else will you know if you’re progressing and making improvements with your lifts? Unfortunately, this can often be a pain in the butt and time consuming.

Not anymore. I’ve designed user friendly workout log sheets that you can simply print off and take to the gym with you. No more guess work as every workout sheet tells you the exercise, the reps, the rest periods, and gives you a place to record the weights/reps lifted.

Just print it off and bring it to the gym. Beauty!

afterburn effectComponent #3: The Live Lean Afterburn Workout Schedule ($47 value) -

I wanted to create a system that is easy to follow. To help with this, I’ve broken out each day during the 12 week program so you’ll know exactly which workout to do and when you can rest. Everything is done for you. You just have to put in the work.

afterburn effectComponent #4: The Live Lean Afterburn Supplement Guide ($47 Value) -

I always get asked about supplements. Which ones are worth it and which ones are junk. Understanding this can save you a lot of money and it’s my job to save you money.

Supplements are NOT required to do this program. BUT there are a few that I do recommend for FASTER results. I’ve outlined those few key supplements to help you get to your goals faster, in this guide.

afterburn effectComponent #5: The Live Lean Afterburn Grocery List Of Approved Foods ($47 Value) -

I’ve always been known as saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”. Eat the right types of food is so important in getting results FASTER.

Unfortunately many people are confused by all the “low calorie” “low fat” pre-packaged foods created by marketers. I take away all the confusion and guesswork. Next time you’re in the grocery store, stick to this comprehensive grocery list for the majority of your foods and you’ll be living lean quicker than ever!

afterburn effectComponent #6: The Live Lean Afterburn Quick Start Guide List ($37 Value) -

Let me help you get “your ducks in a row” before you take this live lean journey with me. Simply go through this quick start guide list so you ensure you start the program with everything ready to go.

Go through the list, tick off the items, and then you’re ready to begin.

afterburn effectComponent #7: The Live Lean Afterburn Exercise Video Demo Database ($47 Value) -

BRAND NEW to Live Lean Afterburn is this Exercise Video Demo Database showing you how to do every single exercise in the workout program. I decided pictures are just not enough. You’ll stream over 75 HD workout videos for instant access to the proper form for each exercise.


I want to make living lean accessible and affordable for everyone.  With that said, I’m offering you the complete 6 component Live Lean Afterburn system (a $569 value) today for a single, one-time discounted payment of:



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Warning: Live Lean Afterburn is not a quick fix or magic pill to lose weight. If you are not ready to work for your results, please do not buy this program.

What If Live Lean Afterburn Doesn’t Work For Me?

I know this workouts provide results. My body and all my client’s body’s are real life examples that this program works…if you put in the effort.

Since I’m so confident that Live Lean Afterburn works, I’m putting a 60 day money back guarantee behind my offer.

No hassles.

No questions asked.

Click Here To Save Big Time!

I can’t wait for you to start this program and start getting results.

But make me a promise that you’ll share your success story with me!

Brad Gouthro

P.S. Don’t forget I provide a 100% 60 day money back guarantee. This means you can test drive my program for 60 days with no risk to you.

P.P.S. Do you have any further questions about the Live Lean Afterburn program. Check to see if I answered it below!

1. Can females use this program or is it just for males?

This program is designed for BOTH females and males. The workout portion of the program includes the best exercises to burn calories, increase metabolism, and enhance your fat burning hormones. These exercises do just that regardless if you are a female or male. One of the reasons females tend to struggle with losing fat is they shy away from doing exercises that actually create an increased metabolic rate and spike in fat burning hormones in the body. Too often females waste too much time doing long duration cardio (and lifting weights that are way too light), when they would be getting much better results doing the workouts covered in this program. One other thing ladies, by following this program I promise you WILL NOT “bulk up” and become too “muscle-y”.

2. Will I build muscle on this program or will I just burn fat?

The design of the program is intended to re-compose your body of the stubborn fat and turn it into lean and sexy muscle.

3. I’m just a beginner to exercise and am currently obese. Is this program to advanced for me?

This program has 12 weeks of workout programs. You can modify the reps, sets, and rest periods to match your fitness level.  Once your fitness levels improve, you can aim towards following the program as written.

4. I’ve been going to the gym for years but am looking for a new workout program. Is this program going to challenge me?

Definitely. I’ve been training for over 10 years and I love the challenge of these workouts.  I promise you, regardless of what your current fitness level is, you will be challenged and you will see results.

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5. Will I need to spend a lot of time in the gym doing cardio in order to follow your program? What about the workouts?

The weight lifting workout programs usually last between 45-60 minutes, 3-4 days per week. The HIIT cardio workouts only last 20 minutes.

6. Is it safe to buy your program on the internet? Will my credit card be safe?

We use a merchant account (Clickbank) that is the leading and most reputable credit card processing company for downloadable products in the world. They use SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed or stolen by 3rd parties. You’ll notice when you get to the Clickbank payment page, the web URL changes from “http” to “https”. This indicates you are on a secure page where your information is safe from any 3rd parties. As the website provider, we don’t even get access to or see your credit card information from your order.  Only the bank sees this information. So in many ways, ordering online is more secure and safer than other forms of payments made over the phone, mail, etc. I’ve purchased many items online over the years and have never had any problems with security.

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7. I understand I’m buying a digital download. How do I download it and is it viewable on my iPad?

By purchasing an e-book, you instantly get access to the product and save on shipping costs. It’s quick and very easy to download the entire program to your computer after you purchase it (it only takes a few seconds to download). Once you download the file to your computer, you can save the pdf file to a directory. You can then open it to read it on your computer, or you can print it out to bring with you to read anywhere. You can also view it on your iPad and most other e-readers.

The program file comes is downloaded in .pdf format. You can open this file with Adobe Reader. You probably already have Adobe Reader on your computer as it comes installed on most computers. However, if you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it to your computer for free here:

8. I’m not from the US so can I still buy it? Is the price in US dollars?

It doesn’t matter what country you live in. We process orders from anywhere in the world. Yes the price listed is in US dollars but the secure credit card processing company (Clickbank) will simply convert the price into your country’s currency.

9. What if it doesn’t work for me? 

Since I’m so confident that Live Lean Afterburn works, I’m putting a 60 day money back guarantee behind my offer. No hassles. No questions asked. Request a full refund, and you’ll get it quickly.

Click Here To Save Big Time!


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